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What is Clip hair Extension
Clip-in hair extensions are a quick way of adding extensions to your hair using clips. They are easily attached and can be perfectly matched and blended with your own hair. Hair extensions are used to extend the length of hair, provide volume, or add highlights to your natural hair
What type of hair do you sell
We sell both Synthetic and Remy Human Hair.
What is Remy Human Hair
Remy Human Hair Extensions are the best type of hair extensions because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. The hair is soft and does not tangle.
What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair
Human Hair extensions are made from human hair and can easily blend with our natural hair. Synthetic hair is composed of fine plastic fibers, manufactured to look like human hair. Our high quality synthetic hair are made from Kanekalon heat resistant synthetic, so you can use up to 160degree heat on them.
How long do your extensions last
The hair durability depends on how well you maintain the hair and products you use. 
Can I colour the hair
You can color our human hair extensions but we do not recommend that you color or dye the synthetic extensions.
Can I straighten, curl or style the hair
Yes you can treat our human hair extensions like your own hair. For our synthetic, you can use up to 160degree heat , any higher may burn the hair.
Do you ship internationally
Yes, we ship worldwide. Please see our shipping rates for international delivery cost..
Do you have a return or exchange policy
Yes, please see our return and exchange policy page for more details.
How to attach my clip hair extensions
Please see this page for our "how to" guides.
How do I maintain my extensions
It is important taking care of the clip-in hair extensions, this will prolong the life of the hair extensions. We will help you by washing the clip-in hair extensions with the following steps below!

1. Start with brushing and combing the clip-in hair extensions to remove from any tangles. You can use a soft bristle brush or an extensions brush.
2. Add lukewarm water to wet the hair.
3. Add a suitable amount of low PH moisturizing shampoo.
4. Wash the extensions from the top down while gently working the shampoo into the hair. Never rub the hair together while washing!
5. Rinse thoroughly with clean, lukewarm water. 
6. Apply leave-in conditioner and leave in for five minutes (be sure not to add too much since this will cause buildup).  
7. Genlty squeeze the excess water out of the hair and wrap them in a towel.
8. Carefully comb through the extensions and allow them to air dry.


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